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By using our website to order products, you agree to be bound by the full Terms and Conditions and pricing posted on our website.
These terms and conditions apply to the business relation between the Client and the Agent (as identified further below), arising from the Client requesting the Agent to provide certain corporate and management services. Any order placed in any of our offices, by internet or by any other means, shall constitute a binding agreement of these terms & conditions between the Client and the Agent.
« The Agent » means AllSetInFrance, a company, registered in France and it also includes any subsidiary or partner of AllSetInFrance, which provides services to the client or the company.
« Services » means any or several of the following: company formation, acting as registered agent, provision of registered office, provision of company management services, maintenance of books and records, opening of bank accounts, administrative and managerial work and any other corporate services of similar nature that the agent agrees to provide.
« Company » means any company beneficially owned by the client for which services are provided by the Agent.
« Client » means the beneficial owner(s) of the company and/or the person(s) who has(ve) requested the agent to provide services. It also means any person the client may represent in the case of a group (all such persons jointly and severally).
« Order form » means the standard order form sent to the client or other format of the same form submitted by the client to the agent before beginning and providing services. This include emails and phone conversations.
« Communication » means any communication between the agent and the client by any of the following methods: (a) email or other message or form posted through the internet; (b) fax; (c) courier or mail delivery, any of the above being addressed to the last known or notified address of the recipient.
I. General Notes
Our Money Back Guarantee Policy
If we do not comply with our General Terms and Conditions of Sale, you will have 14 days from the sale date to apply for a full refund (less bank transfer and administration fees). We can only reimburse the original payee. Credit card payments will be credited back via credit card only. Given the nature of the services that we provide, we will only entertain well-founded requests and in some cases, at our own discretion, we may only offer partial discounts or no discounts at all.
Complaints Procedure
The management of the company wishes to remain open to well-founded complaints in order not only to resolve them efficiently, but also to improve our service at large. Complaints are handled by the director of AllSetInFrance.
Complaints can be lodged in writing to the office address of AllSetInFrance with the envelope marked personal and confidential. Please substantiate any complaints with precise facts, dates and names if you want us to be able to act on your complaint. Any vague complaints or unconstructive insults will be discarded without follow-up. We will attempt to answer or resolve any complaint within a maximum of 3 days.
II. Our services
Company formation (company incorporation)
Once you have ordered us the incorporation of the new company on your behalf, we will make every effort to execute your orders within minutes, that is why it is generally impossible to cancel orders after ordering.
Once we have accepted a request for services you may contact us by telephone, email or at our postal to ask us if your request has been withdrawn. Given the nature of the services we provide, it will be entirely at our discretion whether or not you are entitled to a refund for the latter. In the exercise of such discretion, we will consider the extent of the work we already began according to the provision of that service or the payment of third parties’ fees. As the service includes the formation of a company, once the incorporation request has been submitted to the Companies House/Registry, it will not be possible to stop the company formation process.
The time for the formation of a company usually depends on how fast the registrar replies to our request. In any case we cannot be held responsible for delays in registrar back-ups or for technical problems that may occur during the process.
Legal and Fiscal Advice
Although we may guide you in the right direction with the best of our knowledge when you order us services, we are doing so for strictly informational purposes and this guidance should never be considered as legal, financial, accounting, or fiscal advice. If you need solid advice, we recommend you to hire independent professional services.
The Client acknowledges that the Agent does not give any legal or tax advice, nor does the Agent make any representation, whether expressed or implied, that any Company or other entity or any particular corporate structure or organization, will be fit for or achieve any particular purpose for the Client, whether or not such purpose or intention was notified by the Client to the Agent.
We will be happy to recommend you professional advisers if you need assistance in that regards.
Bank introductions or Bank account opening assistance
Although you may freely contract bank opening services on our website, by telephone or in our office and agent offices, we reserve the right to cancel the order and fully refund the sums that were paid in full (less any bank transfer fees, credit card fees or PayPal fees – if any – and without the need to justify the motivation of such refusal).
Once we do go ahead with your bank account opening or bank introduction, we may cancel the procedure at any time if you cannot provide us or the bank with proper compliance documentation such as a proof of address and an identification of the beneficial owners. The same if you do not have the necessary funding or skills to operate your business, if you demonstrate improper behaviour towards any of our employees or the bank‘s employees, if you are late to meetings, score poorly on credit checks, or for any other reason that we may judge inappropriate.
In the event that we have to cancel services at this stage, we will refund any money paid for this purpose (less reasonable costs and for the time spent by our employees in processing your application and accompanying you to the bank, for translation works or for any other services that we may have provided you with). If you cancel an appointment less than 48 hours in advance, we reserve the right to charge a reasonable penalty of approximately 20 to 25% of the assistance services offered and reschedule the appointment. If this happens more than once, we reserve the right to cancel the whole service and reimburse you part of the fees at our discretion (less any fines that we may have levied for damages in time or reputation caused by late cancelations). If you do not show up to a bank appointment without a reason due to “Force Majeure” or a reasonable excuse, we may forfeit all or part of the fees charged for the bank introduction and may chose not to continue providing you with services.
In the event that we must go back to the bank with you because you were unable to go on the first time, we will usually charge the time at our current hourly rate for administrative work.
The opening of bank accounts is not a guarantee and, although this may be rare, you may be obliged to travel several times at your own cost and expense to complete the process. In the event that the bank refuses to open an account for your company, we will evaluate the situation and either offer alternate banking options or reimburse you any unused credit.
Completion of Service for Bank Introductions
If the bank does agree to open an account for you, our services will be deemed complete as soon as the main account for the company is opened. Although we may freely agree to assist you in other banking matters, in no event we will be held liable for not obtaining credit or debit cards, chequebooks, merchant accounts, letters of credit, internet access or any other type of banking product. Some banks may flatly refuse to provide any of those services and we will be under no obligation to find alternate solutions.
Subcontracting and related service providers
We reserve the right to subcontract part or all of the services that we offer via this website to other companies of our group of various partners, attorneys, notaries or accountants that we use within the normal conduct of our activities.
III. Price, Payment and Order
Variation of Prices & Conditions
All prices and conditions are listed on our website when possible, however we do reserve the right to alter these prices and conditions whenever we judge fit. Whenever possible, we will give advance warning of changes, however, in no case will this be an obligation on our part. Usually, general terms and conditions on the website will be the latest version and will prevail over all other Terms & Conditions previously posted or distributed.
Bank wire transfers
Although we traditionally have never charged for receiving bank transfers, you are responsible for making sure that the full amount we have asked for reaches us. You are liable for all transfer costs on your end and in no case we may share or pay for transfer costs.
If your final payment is missing funds because of bank transfer fees or any other reasons, we will withhold sending you information about the services that you have ordered or at the very least we will retain the full property of the company or associated services until the adjustment for the missing funds is made or until we agree in writing to waive the difference.
Payment by bank cheques
We will generally never accept payments by bank cheques unless pre-agreed with us and in any case, there may be additional charged tagged on to foreign cheques to compensate for important banking charges related to this type of financial instrument.
Authority to order and authorizations for using your own officers
We provide services solely on the understanding that you have given us full and proper instructions and that you have the authority to lawfully carry out those instructions for yourself or on behalf of your client or partners. You warrant that you are acting on your own authority or that you have the authority of your clients, partners or associates to instruct us.
While identifying officers to the company, you fully warrant that you have the legal consent of those officers before appointing them and that you have verified that the information that they are relaying to you is true and accurate. Furthermore, if you are a professional intermediary, accountant or attorney, you warrant that you have conducted minimum due-diligence according to the European legal guidelines and that you are in a position to furnish such due-diligence information upon demand.
Final property of the services
All services rendered and incorporated companies will remain our full property until your account is paid up in full and this regardless of whether you have already operated the company or of how much time has elapsed since incorporation.
Any invoices presented to clients for outstanding services are expected to be paid upon presentation and will go into debt collection after 30 days if not satisfied in full or at least in part.
IV. General Conditions
Your obligations under this Agreement
We provide you services with the understanding that you have supplied us with true and accurate instructions and that you have given us the authority to lawfully carry out those instructions. You warrant that you are acting on your own authority or have the authority of your client to instruct us in this regards.
While identifying officers to the company, you fully warrant that you have the legal consent of those officers to be appointed and you agree to indemnify us in the case of a conflict with the directors.
You will ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide us and accept all liability for the rejection of any documents, accounts or filings due to inaccuracies or incompleteness.
Although we may guide you whenever it is possible, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that any company name or domain name you choose is available for registration and can be lawfully used by you. We accept no liability for your choice of name. You are responsible for ensuring that your choice of company name or domain name does not infringe any intellectual property rights.
We are under no obligation of time other that reasonable time for the performance of the services. We will use our reasonable resources to meet the estimated deadlines mentioned in our website but still they are estimates and we do not accept, in particular, responsibility for delay due to third parties or for reasons out of our control (such as the unavailability of the World Wide Web, for computer systems or telecommunications failure or if any government systems or secure online payment gateways have failed).
We are under no obligation to accept any request or to continue to perform any service on your behalf. We reserve the right to reject any request or to discontinue the performance of any service without liability.
Force Majeure
We shall in no case be liable to you for any breach of the terms and conditions or any failure to provide or delay in providing our services through our site resulting from any event or circumstance beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, breakdown of systems or network access, fire, explosion or accident or any “acts of God”.
Exclusions and Limitations
We make no representations or warranties about the accuracy, completeness, or suitability for any specific purpose of the information and related graphics published on our website. The information published may contain technical inaccuracies, out-dated material or typographical errors and is only intended to be a general indication of our services.
Except for claims related to death or personal injury resulting from negligence or as otherwise prescribed by law, our liability for any loss or damage (compensatory, direct, indirect or consequential damages, loss of data, income or profit, loss or damage to property and claims of third parties) arising out of any single claim will be limited to the value of re-supplying the relevant product or service. You agree that this limitation is reasonable due to the nature of our site and given that when you require information or services through our site you start a separate contract with us in each case.
Changes in Content and Services
At any time and without notice, we reserve the right to revise our terms and conditions, our bouquet of services and the content of our site.
Termination of access to our services
Given the sensitive nature or corporate services and banking relations, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to bar access to our website and to our services without previous warning.
Outgoing Web Links
Outgoing links to third party websites are provided for your convenience and for general information. We do not warrant any of the content, services or accuracy of these third parties.
Ownership and Rights to the Materials on this website
All rights to the design, text & graphics and any other material on our website, layout and style are our own copyright or the ones of related third parties. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print hard copy portions of our site solely for the purpose of studying offers in connection with the acquisition of goods or services from our website.
Any other use of the materials on our website (including reproduction for purposes other than those above mentioned and any alteration, modification, distribution, or publication) without our prior written permission is strictly prohibited and will be prosecuted to the full extend authorized by law.
Competent Jurisdiction and Tribunals
These Terms and Conditions and our relationship with you shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of France.
Privacy Policy
You agree that we may collect, store, and use information about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.